Used to decrease dry times of topcoats

Used to decrease dry times of topcoats; stronger than X10/X11

Flattening additive for changing gloss levels of topcoats. Refer to AutoAura Flattening chart.

Used in topcoats to help eliminate defects caused by silicone, oil, grease and other airborne contaminates.

Used in undercoats and topcoats to increase gloss and improve flexibility.

Primary used to ensure a clean surface prior to sanding and before applying coatings on bare metal and cured OEM surfaces.

Anti-static cleaning used for plastic and small parts also used for mold release agent.

Removes silicone and contaminates from metals, plastics and cured automotive finishes. Compliant with markets of 2.9VOC LBS. /GL.

Multi purpose anti-static cleaner used on plastics and mold release agent. Helps remove water spot residue and water soluble contaminates.

Exceptional adhesion to properly prepared, un-primed plastic components. Compliant in all North American markets